Hubba Bubba Seriously Strawberry Bubble Gum

Rs. 250
Hubba Bubba chunky bubbly will wow a new generation of kids with bolder-than-ever taste and three new mouth-watering flavour combinations in strawberry-watermelon, grape-berry and sour double berry that will capture their imaginations. Soft Hubba Bubba chunky, mouth- watering bubble gum that will have you blowing the biggest, baddest bubbles in a breeze. 

Qty: 35g


Sugar,Gum Base,Glucose Syrup,Acid Citric Acid,Humectant Glycerol,Flavourings,Emulsifier Soybean Lecithin,Antioxidant BHA,Colour Carotenes

Allergy Information

Contains Soya

Suitable For Vegetarians

Product Of United Kingdom

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