Milka Dark Milk Alpine with extra Cocoa

Rs. 250

Delight yourself with this dark Milka chocolate and milk chocolate. An incredible combination that will make you fall in love and get a taste of want more!

The delicious Milka chocolate is made with the true flavor of the Swiss Alps, with a deliciously creamy formula.

With extra cocoa.

Qty: 85g


Sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, skimmed milk powder, milk fat, emulsifier, hazelnut and natural vanilla flavor.

Allergy Information 

May contain gluten, milk, eggs, soy and hazelnut. 

NOT Suitable For Vegetarians 

Product Of Switzerland 

Customer Reviews

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A 'nutty' delight!

Products from brand 'Milka' under its 'Darkmilk' range, in general, contain bars composed of the brand's signature 'Alpine Milk' chocolate, with 'extra' cocoa, and 'mix-ins' or added flavourings depending on the variant.
While I had placed an order for the 'Milka' brand's 'Cocoa Nibs' 'Darkmilk' chocolate bar, I ended up receiving the 'Almond' variant. Hence, the bar I received was embedded with almond bits. People suffering from 'nut' allergies must exercise caution when placing an order for this product, by verifying first with 'Snackstar India' 'Customer Care' services.
The packaging is the brand's well-known 'peel-off' one, which is easy to unwrap, whilst retaining the product's freshness.
The bar contains a total of 18 squares, allowing for it to be easily shared with family and friends.
The chocolate has the signature 'Alpine Milk' feel to it, which melts inside the mouth as soon as one bites into it, with a 'punch' of added cocoa: without any offensive bitterness. The crunchy almond bits complement the chocolate bar, instead of taking away from its flavour, ensuring textural contrast.
I have had the 'Cadbury' 'Darkmilk' 'Almond' variant last year, and now, having had the 'Milka' 'Darkmilk' 'Almond' variant, I can state that both products are quite comparable. The two chocolate bars are almost identical in terms of looks, but the flavour of the chocolate component is different. One can feel the signature 'Cadbury' and 'Milka' chocolate flavours respectively developing when consuming the bars, albeit with a 'dark chocolatey' mouthfeel, and the presence of almond bits. Both are delicious in their own right to be tried out.
I prefer the 'Milka' variant because the flavour of the 'Milka' chocolate complements the added cocoa flavour even better, in my humble opinion.
Overall, this product is worth the purchase.

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